Graduate School of Matehematics and Computer Science 

The list of thesis topics and supervisors is available on the left of this page under "thesis topics". You should find a supervisor and topic for your application. Please send an email to and nominate up to three supervisors, whose topics seem suitable for your PhD studies.

Please do not nominate more than 3 supervisors, and please do not contact the supervisors directly. In your email to, describe your mathematical education background briefly (no formal documentation is necessary at this stage, please do not attach diplomas, etc), and for each nominated topic describe why you are interested in that field of research.

We will then contact the nominated supervisors who will decide whether they agree to act as a prospective supervisor for you. If so, it is sufficient to get a short email from the supervisor saying she/he will accept you as a PhD student in case of admission. A copy of this email should be included in your application.

Please note that if none of the nominated supervisors are willing to write such an email, you will formally not be eligible to apply to our Doctoral School!


Last modified: 2020.06.04.